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Your growth narrative is a compelling journey marked by vision and success. At CORP IR, we take pride in not just recognizing but enhancing this story through our vibrant community of members, Ambassadors, and esteemed partners. We go beyond conventional corporate marketing, aiming to provide a holistic solution that fosters relationships and connects you with precisely the right audiences.

Within our exclusive CORP IR community, we curate exceptional events that bring together high-net-worth individuals. These carefully crafted gatherings offer a unique platform for direct access, enabling you to present your story and establish meaningful connections that will undoubtedly set you apart. Join us at our highly anticipated events in London, Zurich, and Dubai, as well as through engaging virtual and in-person presentations across North America in partnership with the OTC and in the UK & Europe with the London Stock Exchange. Your story deserves to be in the spotlight, and we are committed to ensuring it stays there.

Through our invaluable experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive support system, opening doors to new audiences and untapped opportunities for your growth journey. At CORP IR, our mission is to empower small-cap publicly traded companies on their path to success. Whether you're looking to connect with potential investors, build relationships with analysts, or simply share your story with the right audience, our holistic approach covers it all. Join our thriving community and unlock limitless potential for growth, connections, and unparalleled opportunities.

Leadership Team


CORP IR emerged from the vision of a dynamic group of investors and Wall Street enthusiasts who recognized the need for a specialized IR PR firm for small-cap publicly traded companies. Fueled by their collective expertise, they founded CORP IR to offer a holistic solution, connecting growth companies with the right audiences and unlocking unparalleled opportunities on their path to success.


CORP IR has successfully expanded its brand, launching targeted marketing initiatives beyond the USA and into the UK and Canada. 

This strategic move enhances our global presence, connecting small-cap publicly traded companies with diverse audiences and creating new avenues for growth internationally.


In the face of the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our company swiftly adapted by embracing innovative solutions. We pioneered virtual platforms, revolutionizing the way we connect our clients with investors. This proactive approach not only ensured business continuity but also made the process of investor connection more seamless and efficient.


Unveiling an innovative suite of Corporate Marketing Programs, our company is dedicated to empowering high-growth companies. Meticulously crafted, these programs transcend traditional boundaries, seamlessly connecting with new audiences. Through a dynamic blend of in-person and virtual events, our aim is not just to introduce but to sustain visibility, ensuring that your company's growth journey remains in the spotlight.


Marked as our best year yet, 2023 witnessed unprecedented success as we harnessed the power of AI technology to innovate and lead in the industry. Our forward-thinking approach empowered clients to adapt seamlessly to dynamic changes, ensuring sustained growth. The integration of cutting-edge AI solutions reaffirms our commitment to driving excellence and resilience in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Matt Lee


VP, Account Management

Marcus Jones

VP, Sales and Partnerships

Kim Johnson

Director, Account Management

Unveiling Our Journey: From Roots To Innovation

Lisa Jones