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Corporate Communications Consulting Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of Corporate Communications services.

  • Understand company story in great detail.
  • Creation and/or editing of company press releases.
  • Assistance with quarterly earnings conference call script writing, call logistics and question and answer (Q & A) preparation.
  • Update corporate PowerPoint and create 2-page corporate summary.
  • Enhance Corporate Website Content and messaging.

Investor Relations Services

We provide (non legal) counsel, and inform designated officers and employees of the Company as it relates to financial markets and exchanges, competitors, and other capital markets, business or investor relations related aspects of or concerning the Company’s business about which SCCG has knowledge or expertise.

  • Assist the Company in articulating its investment story and highlights.
  • Act as a trusted (non-legal) advisor to the company; introducing, building and maintaining relationships with supporters of the Company, including institutional investors, sell-side analysts and retail investors.
  • Assist Company in effort to achieve a fair market valuation for the Company.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain an ongoing (non-legal) advisory and capital markets support system for a Company with the general objective of expanding awareness of the Company among stockbrokers, analysts, small-cap portfolio managers and investors, and the appropriate financial & trade publications.

Investment Community Awareness

We actively work with the Company’s senior management team to increase the Company’s exposure in the financial markets, to professionals worldwide at select firms, with a focus on members of the U.S. financial community, including introductions to retail stockbrokers, institutional investors, and investment bankers.

  • Schedule telephone calls, virtual meetings, and/or in-person investor road shows which may include 1×1 meetings with institutional investors, retail stockbrokers, high net worth investors, and analysts.
  • Provide training and rehearsal for management before meeting with analysts, fund managers and other retail investors.
  • We schedule, host, and invite investors to a live CEO virtual presentation that provides public companies with a convenient and effective forum to communicate their story to a diverse audience of financial professionals.We provide exposure across a wider North American audience for public companies with compelling stories.We support our presenting companies before and during the event.
  • Conferences:Increase a Company’s participation in investment conferences focused on small-cap companies.Screen lists of upcoming financial conferences, which would be appropriate for a Company and make suggestions for the Company.Work through the proper channels with the goal of receiving invitations for a Company’s management to present at those relevant conferences.Support the Company during and after each Conference for investor follow up and outreach.

Social Media

We harness the power of Social Media to increase awareness of the Company and broaden investor outreach.

  • Distribute a Company’s press releases and other relevant, publicly disseminated news through SCCG’s LinkedIn, Stocktwits, and Twitter accounts, which have a strong base of followers within the U.S. investment community.
  • Assist the Company with growing its social media followers on Twitter and LinkedIn and posting press releases and other relevant, macro level publicly disseminated news via Company owned social media accounts.
  • Provide other customized social media marketing agency services.

Shareholder Communications

We are a trusted intermediary acting as a bridge between investors and the Company.

  • Facilitate interactions with new and current investors and articulate necessary information to assist those interested in completing their due diligence with regard to a Company.
  • Handle investor requests for timely information via the telephone and e-mail and send out an e-mail version of the investor package. SCCG will communicate investor feedback and suggestions to the Company.

IR SmartStarter

IR SmartStarter™ is a service for late-stage private companies planning to enter the public marketplace.

The move from private to public company is a major transition filled with challenges for management teams. Companies that invest in proper preparation and training are more likely to have a successful transition. It is critical to implement investor relations ‘Best Practices’ while still a private company in order to meet investor expectations and the new shareholder demands of being a public company.

Our IR KickStarter is an Investor Relations ‘Best Practices’ Program which helps to educate management about fulfilling SEC reporting requirements and adhering to securities rules and regulations.

Skyline Corporate Communications Group, LLC offers the following specific services to private companies in preparation for their entry into the public marketplace:

  • Capital markets education and training sessions***for private companies to better understand SEC reporting and disclosure requirements and insider trading rules. ***We do not and cannot render legal advice. We work with a Company’s SEC attorney during this process.
  • Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg. FD) Assistance with strategic messaging and articulating company growth strategy and competitive advantages in a compelling and concise manner
  • Creation of corporate PPT and corporate summary sheet that is tailored to an institutional investor audience
  • Question and Answer (Q&A) preparation to assist management teams in their dialogue with sophisticated institutional investors
  • Introductions to investment banks that might have interest in conducing the company’s initial public offering (IPO)
  • Secure invitations to investor conferences
  • Introductions to institutional investors, retail brokers and investors, sell side analysts and the financial media
  • Understanding other obligations as a public company and associated costs

Crisis Communications

We offer crisis communication consulting services for private and public companies.

  • Work to understand the Company crisis in detail.
  • Assist Company in formulating a strategy.
  • Manage Interactions with Media and Stakeholders
  • Facilitate Communications to assist the Company in achieving a favorable outcome.
  • Work with management for implementation of corporate communication policy to handle unforeseen events.

Public & Media Relations

We offer Companies a variety of tailored options for access to the financial media, including but not limited to:

  • Provide corporate public relations services to increase exposure to the financial and trade media with objective of securing media articles and interviews.
  • Access for select Companies to financial media outlets and distribution of articles and interviews across a variety of financial media channels and platforms.
  • Access for select Companies to distribution of sponsored content articles featuring the select Companies.
  • Access for select Companies to interviews and distribution of interviews via financial media outlets featuring select Companies.
  • Reporting and metrics of trackable results and analytics of content produced and promoted for certain financial media packages.

Customized Services

We offer a variety of specialized and customized services to meet your corporate needs, including but by no means limited to:

  • Outreach to investors after major corporate news announcements.
  • Conduct ‘Perception Studies’ to gather investor feedback and critiques.
  • Act as Information Agent for a Company’s Right’s Offering.